What is a Diamond Saw Blade?

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A Diamond Saw Blade is a saw blade that is manufactured with a metal or steel core, as well as diamond crystals adhered to the cutting portion (segments) of the blade. These blades are capable of cutting through extremely hard or abrasive materials, such as concrete, stone, brick, asphalt, masonry, porcelain, tile, granite, marble, and more. The blade is capable of cutting through hard materials due to the fact that the cutting segments of the blade are composed of crystals. In fact, the blades don't actually cut through these materials, but rather the diamond covered cutting teeth or segments grind through the material to create the cut.

How the crystals are adhered to the core depends on how the blade will be used, and there are a number of different ways this can be done. Some blades are composed of crystals that are combined with powder metal and are then heated and molded into segments welded to the core. Other blades may have the crystals electroplated directly to the core, or may use a method known as brazing, to create a single layer blade.

The design can also affect the application the blade is used for or the material it is intended to cut through. In addition to the various ways that the diamond crystals can be combined and adhered to the blade to create different uses for the blade, the steel or metal core can also affect the use of the blade or the materials it can be used with. Some cores have a single smooth rim, which provides a smoother cut, while other cores have spaces or gullets between each segment of crystal cutting teeth so the blade can cool during cutting. Blades also come in different shapes, depending on whether they are being used in a circular saw, band saw or other type of equipment.

Another aspect of the blades that varies depending on what the blade is intended to cut through is the bond. The bond relates to how hard or soft the powder metal is that combines with the crystals to create the cutting segments or teeth. The bond is an important aspect of a blade because it controls how easily the segments wear down during operation so newer segments become exposed, keeping the blade edge sharp.

Most blades can be used either during wet or dry operation, but they work best with wet cutting. Wet cutting is best for a number of reasons. For one, the water prevents the blade from overheating because it cools the blade as it operates and extends the life of the blade. Water also results in less dust when cutting, which can be harmful if inhaled and clog the saw during use. Finally, wet cutting removes the slurry during the cutting process. When dry cutting is the only option, it is important to allow the blade to cool off so it doesn't overheat. This can be done by stopping periodically between cuts or allowing the blade to spin freely after the cut (this provides more air to cool off the blade), but the latter method should be used carefully since it can be dangerous. It is also important to avoid inhaling the dust created during the dry cutting process.

These blades are used by contractors, highway departments, fire and police rescue squads, and in many other applications that require the needed strength.

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What is a Diamond Saw Blade?

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This article was published on 2010/04/02