Replaceable Ceiling Fan Blades

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In the minds of most home owners, ceiling fans are a permanent fixture that cannot be changed unless taken down and fully replaced. This is a common misconception and limits your decorating abilities. While ceiling fans do come in countless colors, designs, patterns, etc., they can become outdated with the times or just not provide enough temperature relief for the room their in.

Ceiling fan blades themselves are more flexible than the entire unit itself. Why, because you can actually remove and replace the blades. Yes, replace the blades and do it with new ones that do every single thing you want them to do. Fore example, if you feel like your current blades are not providing enough heat relief aka breeze, then pick out some larger fan blades. This will give you more of a breeze. If it does not, then you may want o change the direction that the fan is turning.

If you are the type of decorator that has to have everything matching, don't fret as there are surely enough options out there to satisfy what you are looking for. When you do make the decision to buy replacement blades, you will want to factor in the spacing of the holes for attaching the blades to the brackets. Depending on the type of replacement blades and where you buy them from, some will come with pre-drilled holes with a standard spacing while some others may not have holes drilled at all.

Before you purchase your replacement blades you can do yourself a favor and ask the sales person if the blades your interested in have pre-drilled holes and what their spacing is. Reason being, if the ones you buy do not have holes, you will find yourself at home drilling your own holes. Now, granted this is not a difficult tasks but it can be avoided by asking the sales person. Some retailers will actually drill the holes for you. Anything that you can do to save yourself work will do just that. Save you work.

Also, manufacturers offer slip on fan blades that literally just slip on over the existing blades. There is nothing wrong with this option but you will want to take a couple things into consideration. Because these blades are going to be a different size and shape, they will spin differently on the unit. They can slow the fan because the blades are heavier now, they can cause unnecessary wear on the motor and possibly move less air, which is probably why you added the slip on blades in the first place. Ultimately, how well your fan performs at this point will depend on the strength of the motor. If it is strong enough then the slip on blades might not be an issue.

Once you have replaced your ceiling fan blades, try installing some tin ceiling tiles around the fans base on the ceiling. This will be a look guaranteed not to be seen in the homes of all your friends and family. Separate your ceiling from all others by changing your fan blade an installing tin tiles around the fan itself.

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Replaceable Ceiling Fan Blades

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This article was published on 2010/03/26