How to Build a Homemade Wind Generator Blade

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A wind generator blade is the most important component in the working of the wind turbine. These blades are curved and large, and they are quite similar to the propeller blades of an airplane, and these blades are the source for generating power. Creating your own wind generator blade is an excellent method to bring down the cost of making a wind generator and it also gives some self gratification. This article gives a brief look at how to build the homemade wind generator blades to save the money.

It is very important to choose the correct products to make the blades as it is directly connected with the efficiency of the wind generator. Some of the materials that are used to build blades are wood, metal, and plastic. Woods are considered as the good choice for the yesteryear traditional wind generators, metals are very easy to work with, and plastics are the ideal material to make the blades. We recommended to build the blades with PVC pipes because of so many reasons such as the wood can crack, wood absorbs water, and the crack makes wood to absorb water. Also, wooden blades can be difficult to make and can be very time consuming. Other DIY sites make different choices and those are also good as long as you have a good eye on your own skills.

For making three wind generator blades, you require about 4" or 6" PVC pipe of 4" long and for wind blades that are 30" in length, you can make use of 4" diameter PVC pipes. To make blades between 30" and 48", you may require PVC pipe of diameter of 6". First, the middle line should be drawn down the pipe, as the blades branch from the center line and thus makes more power. The blade should be made pointed for about 5" at the root and 2 ¾" at the other end, and then cut the blades on the drawn area.

Smooth the edges near the cut part to get a good finish and before equalizing the blades, paint the blades with the UV protective paint. UV protective paint shields the PVC pipes from getting brittle due to the sunlight exposure. For equalizing the blades, place them on the hub and place the hub on the piece of steel rod with few pillow block support. Spin the blades to mark the bottom blades and trim the bottom one a little more than the others, as balanced blades are safer than the unbalanced ones.

It is important to remember that saving money is not the only criteria when you decide to make or buy your own wind generator. Your skills, the amount of power you want to create and the investment you are willing to make are also things to consider. You can buy DIY plans here because making your own wind generator blade is also a nice job to do. Or look at a ready to go system like the Skystream 3.7. Whatever choice you make you will save money in the end.

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How to Build a Homemade Wind Generator Blade

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This article was published on 2010/04/14