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Cutting the flat and smooth trimming material extent, depends on the angle of the blade sharpening, sharpening the blade edge of the passivation quality and the degree. Blade angle is generally 19 about the paper cutting hard, the blade angle should be taken bigger.

Each grinding blade must be fully cooled, to avoid incision annealing. To make more sharp knife, more smooth, the whetstone before use to fine grinding the blade. Cutting should be cut frequently in the smear of soap or paraffin, to extend the cutter's durability, smooth cutting edge to cut things. If you find a drawing on paper cutting trimming material phenomena, oil should be kept or re-sharpening stone knife edge repair.

Replacement cutter As a result of a highly efficient plane enveloping worm reducer, no self-locking of its own, the main motor to stop, pull out cutting tool change to tool change position selector switch, the drive has lost its brakes, safety devices have been lost protection under the knife bed rest, there is likely to decline, could seriously endanger the security, so be sure that the state stop the machine tool reliability, and add wood under the blade when the pad before the following operations.

For-cutter, first turn off the main motor, wait for about 2 minutes, and confirm the transmission Leather belt Complete cessation of running, two wooden tool changer device (manufacturer provided) on the blade, will switch panel on the cutting tool changer ATC selection switch at position "," knife-bed function selector switch must be in cutting position , rotating pulley face with the sleeve nut, the blade is connected to bolt to remove, then push inward hex wrench knife hung up about 4MM, so that knife hanging from the brake device, rotating device hanging knife put the blade fell steadily Two wooden tool changer device on, and put on ATC handles, remove the blade, pay attention to hold on to the blade to prevent the collapse of wounding.

Remember: 1, confirm the operation end, not the wrong button press or malfunction.

2, do not put the arm on the knife under the bed and press the paper machine

Mounted cutter First make sure the start button in the main motor stop status, and confirm the main motor pulley at rest, will be a good blade sharpening device mounted on the ATC, then ATC device, together with the blade push to press the paper machine before the knife Bed mounted blade, replace cutting tool changer selector switch (Figure III.5) into the right end of the tool change position, "", described by the former method of rotating knife hanging device, the blade up to the highest position, fitted with screw and tighten the blade connection tight, then loosen the 2 ATC device on the handle, remove the tool changing device, the installed to connect the remaining screws and tighten the blade;

Cutter adjustment Each fitted with a new blade, or grinding of the old bed knife blade should manually adjust the level position to adjust the blades cut into the amount of blade height to avoid the renewal large deep cut caused by caused by accidents, adjust the cutter must be closed when the main motor to be stopped only after running!

The adjustment steps: OK Cutter In the ATC status, the first stop of main motor, press the stop button on the main motor, confirmed after the main motor at rest, and then cutting tool changer ATC selection switch at the middle position "."

determine the depth of the blade cut into: rotating pulley face with the sleeve nut wrench, knife bed to move to the lowest point, and observe the knife blade cut into the depth section is reasonable (normal cut into 0.5? 1 mm).

Knife and the knife, if only one end of the article contact can be adjusted to resolve the host stand behind the eccentric shaft.

If the blade wear can not cut the paper when they should be along the long hole in the direction of the blade down, until completely cut off the paper.

Specific adjustment method is as follows: turn off the motor and the Power supply Switch, loosen the screw all the blade connection, the knife bed manually placed in the lowest point, push inwards with a hex wrench knife hung up about 4MM, knife device to hang from the brake, rotate the top blade knife to cut the paper cam .
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Cutter Blades In Use For Attention

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